3 Months Ahead

☐ decide if you want to combine the party with another graduate
☐ choose a date
☐ choose a time
☐ set a budget
☐ decide on the guest list / size of party
☐ book a venue
☐ obtain the food / drink menu from venue
☐ choose an RSVP by date
☐ order invitations, thank you notes, stamps, envelopes, and address labels

2 Months

☐ finalize guest list with mailing (or email) addresses
☐ choose picture / music for slideshow
☐ begin to assemble photobooks / boards
☐ finalize food / drink menu with venue
☐ decide on music: band / dj / playlist
☐ purchase table and venue decorations
(banners, signs, centerpieces, tablecloths, napkins, plates, utensils, cups, confetti, etc.)
☐ purchase a sign-in book and pens
☐ purchase party favors, games, and single-use cameras

1 Month

☐ mail invitations
(be sure to include parking information / directions)
☐ finalize slideshow
☐ finalize photobooks / boards
☐ finalize music
☐ order cake
☐ order flowers
☐ order balloons

1 Week

☐ make sure your camera is ready
☐ purchase any last minute supplies
☐ confirm any vendors / deliveries
☐ compile final RSVP guest list and send guest count to venue

Day of the Party

☐ pick up cake, flowers, and balloons
☐ make arrangements for your pet
☐ decorate tables and venue
☐ hang banners / signs
☐ test the slideshow and music
☐ put the photobooks / boards, sign-in book, pens, party favors, games, and single-use cameras out